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EDD Bookings is a WordPress plugin which integrates with the Easy Digital Downloads e-commerce platform, providing the best appointment booking solution for small businesses.

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Packed with great features

View and filter your bookings, either as a list or in an interactive calendar.

Add a booking manually for any service, any date and time, and any customer.

Make any Download from EDD a Bookable Service with one button.

Super-flexible availability calendar to set up a service's dates and times. It's just like using Google Calendar.

Add as many session lengths as your service needs, and their corresponding prices. 

General settings to set timezones, formats, colours and more.

Unlimited bookings across all services. There is no need to pay extra to receive more bookings. It just works.

Unlimited services. Set up as many services as you need at no extra cost. 

It's responsive every step of the way, both for the back-end management and the customer-facing wizard.

Give your customers a simple 4-step process that takes only 2 minutes to complete.

Don't miss the EARLY BIRD pricing

EDD Bookings has been under intensive development for three years, and the revolutionary version 3.0 will entrench it as the leading appointment bookings solution for WordPress.

As we continue to add features and expand the range of situations in which EDD Bookings will be the go-to solution, the price will rise so we can keep attracting the best developers and support staff. To protect our existing users, however, and to thank them for their support, we are offering a one-off opportunity.

Anyone who purchases EDD Bookings version 3.0 during the early-bird period will not only receive a 60% discount but, more importantly, will lock-in that discounted price for life - no price increases, ever.

This offer will not be repeated in the future - we cannot actually afford to do this more than once - but we feel this is the fairest way to protect those of you who came onboard when the pricing was lower and we had not yet realized how comprehensive the EDD Bookings would become over time.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Analytics Extensions

Slack Integration

Accounting Extensions

Email List Integrations

Zapier Integration

What's coming next?

We have big plans for EDD Bookings to grow into a comprehensive bookings solution for WordPress.  The plans are in place. The developers have worked tirelessly to develop the plugin in a way that allows further customization at any stage. We've taken this to heart.

Your feedback is vital to us. We love hearing your thoughts so we encourage you to take a look at our roadmap and leave your feedback.

Be the first to know when the revolutionary Version 3.0 is released!

Be the first to know when version 3.0 is released. Special introductory offers available. Sign up here!