This post is dedicated to those who already own EDD Bookings version 2.2.5 or older, as purchased through the EDD website.

If you do not already own EDD Bookings as of October 2017, please disregard this post.

First off, welcome to the new official home of EDD Bookings. The plugin is no longer being hosted by or sold on the EDD website, however, we were and will remain the developers behind this Easy Digital Downloads add-on.

If you’re wondering why we’ve made this change, have a look at our announcement.


What does this move mean for you?


The Plugin

Your current version of EDD Bookings will still work as it always has.

Version 2 will no longer be available for sale, however, it will remain hosted on our website should there be a need for an update or for anyone to keep making use of it. It might be retired further down the line, but there are no plans to do so at this time.

Version 2.2.5 will be released very soon with a change in licensing server from that of EDD to ours. It’s imperative that you process this update as soon as possible if you wish to keep using EDD Bookings with us.


Your License

Your license, as purchased from EDD, has been transferred to us. This means that your current license’s expiry date will remain the same. (If your license is already expired, it will not be possible to renew it.) You will also be entitled to updates and support from our team, with limitations when it comes to changes or customisations.

The limitations only concern version 2.2.x or older, not version 3 in the future. We will only support configuration issues and minor, easily fixable bugs. Any major code changes, plugin or theme incompatibilities, or complicated requests will not be considered. The reason for this is that our focus is completely on version 3 and the future of EDD Bookings.

The upgrade to version 3 will be free for existing customers that still hold a valid license key as of the release date. You will have a new license created for you that will be valid for a period of one year from its creation.

Here’s what that means:

  • If you purchased your current license on 1st May 2017, it will expire on 30th April 2018.
  • When version 3 is released (for example, December 1st 2017 – this is not an official release date), you will be automatically provided with a brand new license for this new plugin. This new license will be valid for a period of one year from 1st December 2017. It will then expire on 30th November 2018.
  • That means that while you paid for an EDD Bookings license key in April 2017 for a period of one year, you will be getting access to the plugin (old and new) and its support & updates until 30th November 2018. That’s seven months of free updates and support, on us.
  • If you owned a single-site license, you will be provided with a single-site license. If you owned a license for 2-5 sites, you will be provided with a license for up to 5 sites. If you owned an Unlimited Sites license, we won’t be offering this ourselves, however, we will provide you with a license for up to 25 sites, our current highest offering.

Why do this? We greatly appreciate the fact that you stuck with us and our plans for EDD Bookings, so it’s our small way of repaying your faith in us!


Your New Account

Since we’ve moved to our site, we have created brand new accounts for you right here. Here’s what you need to do to access them:

  1. Go to the new account page.
  2. Click on the “Lost Password?” link.
  3. Enter the original email address used to make your purchase from EDD.
  4. Wait for the password reset email, and create a new password for your account.
  5. Log in to your new account.

Here’s what you’ll find once you do that:

  • All your details from your original EDD Bookings purchase.
  • A brand new license key for EDD Bookings version 2.

This is of utmost importance to you. It is a new license key that you must switch to in your EDD licenses settings, ONLY AFTER YOU HAVE UPDATED EDD BOOKINGS TO VERSION 2.2.5. That last bit is vital. Re-read it.

Version 2.2.5 of EDD Bookings will contain a change in licensing server, and it will be released by EDD themselves (their final update for EDD Bookings). Once you have processed that update, switch the license key to the new one in the account on our site. This will allow you to later update to version 2.2.6 that we will be releasing ourselves.

What will be in version 2.2.6? This is planned to include a migration or export feature that will allow you to move (some or most of) your existing settings and bookings data into version 3.


EDD Bookings version 3

The new plugin is a complete re-write from scratch, meaning that no part of the current version 2 will be the same in version 3. Hence, a normal update procedure is not possible.

The version 2.2.6 update will include a notice to remind you about this change. It will also make small changes to the plugin to cater for a new export feature. This will allow you to export certain bookings data, service (download) data and some other settings. This migration might not be a full migration of all settings and data, however, we are doing our best to make the switch as smooth as possible.

Version 3 will then be a separate brand new plugin that you’d need to install on your site. We’ll be keeping you up-to-date as to what this new plugin will include and how it will work.

This export file will then be imported into version 3 to make sure that as little data as possible is lost, if any. Once you’re using version 3, we suggest reviewing all imported data and making the necessary updates to your services (downloads).

Note: We are NOT requiring you to switch to version 3. If you are happy with version 2 and its feature-set, you are free to continue using it for as long as you wish.


Have you got any questions?

We’re here to answer them. Visit our contact form to ask any general questions. For any support questions related to version 2.2.5 or older, please log in to your account and use the support contact form found there.

We look forward to a bright future for EDD Bookings!

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