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Assign & Manage Multiple Staff & Locations

Every service can be offered in multiple locations by multiple staff members.

Staff and Locations
Google Calendar

Google Cal & Other Calendar Integrations

Two-way integration for all your appointments to be synced up across calendars.

EDD Front-end Submissions Integration for Service Marketplaces

Think Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, but for any type of service.


Assign & Manage Multiple Resources Per Service

Limit the number of people per gym class, rent out a finite number of items, and more.

Plus much more...

Variable Pricing

A service's price doesn't necessarily need to be constant for every hour and every season. Nor does it need to increase in equal amounts if multiple sessions are booked. That's why we're implementing variable pricing in the near future to allow the full customization of pricing.

More Styling Options

Every site has its own style. We don't want you to be tied to our own style ideas, so while you can change the styling now using some CSS, we'll be making it easier in the future with more styling options every step of the way. Your site deserves to look good every step of the way.

Multilingual & Translatable

EDD Bookings is already translation-ready, but we'll be improving things even further to make sure it is ready to be used on any site and in any language.

Email & SMS Notifications

We already have email notifications set up with Easy Digital Downloads, but we'll be adding more granular options as well as the possibility of SMS updates.

Further EDD Integrations

Easy Digital Downloads offers a number of premium add-ons itself, so we're working to find the most important ones and making sure we're fully integrated with them.

More Granular Settings

You might not always want to edit every little option for a plugin, but if you do, we'll be giving you that option. Default settings are well thought-out, but we want to give you more freedom to do achieve you need.

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