EDD Bookings is a paid 3rd-party add-on for the free Easy Digital Downloads WordPress plugin. 

Below are the requirements to successfully install and run EDD Bookings on your WordPress site.

Server & Website Requirements

PHP 5.5.10 or newer.

WordPress 4.2 or newer.

Easy Digital Downloads 2.3 or newer.

Other Recommendations

EDD Bookings, while requiring all that is listed above, can also be made better with a few recommendations.

By default, Easy Digital Downloads uses what is called a Custom Post Type to store and display downloads, and it’s aptly named “Downloads”. EDD Bookings makes use of these Downloads to set up your services. 

EDD itself, in its purchase confirmation page, refers to downloadable files, even if there aren’t any. So, to remove the “no downloadable files” on the purchase confirmation page, because your services may not have/need files attached, there is a free plugin to install.

It will allow you to select individual downloads which are services, or an entire category which houses your services. If a download is marked as a service, or belongs to one of the categories you selected, the the purchase confirmation page will not show “no downloadable files” for that particular download. If your service does have a file attached, it will still show the file. It also slightly modifies the email receipt so it does not include a dash next to the name.

When setting up bookable services on a WordPress site you’re probably going to need more than just the ability for a customer to book a time-slot. That’s where the Easy Digital Downloads add-ons come in.

NOTE: Not all EDD add-ons are guaranteed to work alongside EDD Bookings at this moment.