EDD Bookings Beta1 is ready for testing!

This is the first Beta version of the all-new EDD Bookings, and we can’t be more excited to release it for testing!

The pre-selected Beta testers are being sent this first Beta version of the all-new EDD Bookings. The plugin is not 100% showroom-ready just yet (as is the nature of beta – we also have some limitations listed here), so you might come across some issues. We are currently working on some of them as you read this message.

If you would like to test out this Beta version, we have set up a download link and further guidelines. Just click on the button below to learn more.

REMINDER: This is a BETA version of the EDD Bookings plugin. It is not made to be used on any live WordPress sites. We can not guarantee that it will not break something on an existing website, so we must insist that you run your tests in a test environment.

We look forward to start hearing your feedback!

Published by Mark Zahra

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