Today we have released EDD Bookings v0.1.5. This version includes a small bug-fix as well as a new feature – the Wizard Customization settings.

EDD Bookings Wizard Customization Settings

WIthin the EDD Bookings settings you now have a tab dedicated to the booking wizard. The wizard is the client-facing steps that are used to make a booking on your website.

Your feedback showed us that the wording we chose wasn’t ideal for all situations. For this reason, we chose to implement this feature earlier than expected.

How it works

There is no complication of having to guess which label change affects which part of the wizard. In fact, the settings include a preview of the entire booking wizard. You can click on any of the text areas in the wizard and change it right then and there. Here’s a preview of how it works:

EDD Bookings Wizard Customization Settings GIF

If you made a mistake or just want to go back to the default text, simply clear out the text you added. The default text will take over again.

This gives you a clear understanding of what you’re changing and how it would look without having to keep going to the front-end of your site to preview the changes. You can also adapt the wizard to your needs. If you offer lessons, not appointments, keep your service consistent by having the wizard mention lessons.

What’s next?

We’re working on a number of minor improvements in multiple areas. We are also working on implementing more automated tests to ensure a more seamless transition from development to release.

Apart from that, we are working on a major feature called “Resources”. This is what will allow us to introduce Staff and Locations to EDD Bookings. Do you need staff and locations for your business? Let us know how you’d like them to work in the comments below.

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