As we keep making progress on the new EDD Bookings plugin every single day, we also come across a few issues or bottlenecks along the way. Just last week we came across one in the booking wizard’s user experience.

Since we are building a bookings extension for the Easy Digital Downloads e-commerce plugin, we are relying on a number of their elements and tools in various areas. The checkout process is one of those elements.

Although we had initially planned to include the checkout form within the booking wizard, we have since opted against that idea and modified the wizard to work as you can see below.

EDD Bookings Booking Wizard

The terminology used in the booking wizard’s content as well as the styling are not finalized in the above preview.

In the new version, the customer still selects the service, then the date, then the session duration (if there is more than one option) and finally the time. After doing so, they may proceed to checkout. This will take them to a page on your website that uses the EDD checkout shortcode.

Here are a few reasons as to why this change was made:

  1. If an admin has other products available for sale on the website apart from the bookable services, this new method allows the customer to add both a physical or downloadable product to their cart alongside the bookable service before making the payment.
  2. Once a customer has added a booking for a service to their cart, they can continue browsing the site before making the payment, giving the admin the opportunity to cross-sell, up-sell or just educate the customer further before getting to the payment stage.
  3. It simplifies the booking experience to make sure the customer does not get overwhelmed by a checkout process within the wizard every time they try to book a specific service. Having a dedicated page for payments makes it clear that they are about to check out.

Some further (minor) changes have also been made to the admin dashboard UI to match up with the WordPress and EDD way of displaying elements, keeping a cohesive look to your dashboard.

Further updates on our Alpha and Beta testing will be published next week.

Published by Mark Zahra

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