There has been a lot of talk around the release of WordPress 5.0 and what it brings with it, especially Gutenberg.

Today, Matt Mullenweg announced on the Make WordPress blog that WordPress 5.0 is to be released on Thursday, 6th December, two days from now. If you’re curious to know how the community has reacted, check out the announcement post here or just open Twitter.

With that being said, our recommendations for EDD Bookings users are as follows.

We have tested EDD Bookings with Gutenberg to a certain extent. We still feel that there is a ways to go until a stable version of Gutenberg will be available, so we have decided to wait until 2019 to work on any integrations. We decided to continue focusing on understanding your needs better in order to deliver a better solution for your business. (With that being said, an update is on its way.)

Come early 2019, we will introduce a Gutenberg block for our booking form and look for other ways we can integrate with this new version of WordPress. Until then, we recommend that our users install and activate the Classic Editor plugin.

Unless it is essential for you to update to WordPress 5.0 for one reason or another, we don’t recommend doing that just yet. There is nothing wrong with continuing to work with WordPress 4.9.8. Our friends at Yoast SEO have put this into perspective very well. Ask yourself 3 questions before updating:

  1. Is now the right time to update?
  2. Can your site work with Gutenberg?
  3. Do you need it?

It’s worth noting how question two mentions “your site”, not a single plugin. If you plan to update to 5.0, please do test this properly on a staging environment before deploying it on your live site. We will keep you updated if our approach to Gutenberg changes in any way over the coming weeks.

Until then, we’re here to answer any questions you may have about EDD Bookings.

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