EDD Bookings has been under intensive development for three years, and the revolutionary new version will entrench it as the leading appointment bookings solution for WordPress.

As we continue to add features and expand the range of situations in which EDD Bookings will be the go-to solution, the price will rise so we can keep attracting the best developers and support staff. To protect our existing users, however, and to thank them for their support, we are offering a one-off opportunity.

Anyone who purchases EDD Bookings during the early-bird period will not only receive a 60% discount but more importantly, will lock-in that discounted price for life – no price increases, ever.

This offer will not be repeated in the future – we cannot actually afford to do this more than once – but we feel this is the fairest way to protect those of you who came onboard when the pricing was lower and we had not yet realized how comprehensive the EDD Bookings would become over time.

Single Site


Reduced from $199
60% OFF

Up to 5 Sites


Reduced from $299
60% OFF

Up to 25 Sites


Reduced from $499
60% OFF

EDD Bookings will be offered with the above three license options.

Each license includes all the current plugin features. All licenses come with updates and support for a period of one year. After that year, a license must be renewed to keep benefitting from updates and support. Automatic subscriptions are available to take the stress out of remembering when and what to renew.

Be the first to know when the revolutionary new version is released! 


View and filter your bookings, either as a list or in an interactive calendar.

Add a booking manually for any service, any date and time, and any customer.

Make any Download from EDD a Bookable Service with one button.

Super-flexible availability calendar to set up a service’s dates and times. It’s just like using Google Calendar.

Add as many session lengths as your service needs, and their corresponding prices. 

General settings to set timezones, formats, colours and more.

Unlimited bookings across all services. There is no need to pay extra to receive more bookings. It just works.

Unlimited services. Set up as many services as you need at no extra cost. 

It’s responsive every step of the way, both for the back-end management and the customer-facing wizard.

Give your customers a simple 4-step process that takes only 2 minutes to complete.

Click on each image to enlarge it.


Choose the service and view more details about it, including its description and price.


Choose the date, duration and time that fits your needs, and leave a message if you need to.


Review your booking and enter your details before proceeding to make the payment (if required).


Once the payment is completed you’re shown the booking details in a personalized message.

Grow with us

EDD Bookings has a dedicated team working on it every day. The plans in the pipeline will lead it to become a big player in the WordPress bookings space, so what are you waiting for?

White label

We don’t need to have our name plastered all over your site. Once you install EDD Bookings it will work silently in the background while your customers get the best experience they can, from you.

Join the communty

We’re not only growing our products and feature-set, but also the community around them. We want you to be a part of our team by contributing ideas and reporting bugs every step of the way. 

Money-back guarantee

We know that none bookings solution cannot work for everyone. That’s why we provide a free demo site and a 30-day money back guarantee.

Project Completion

Initial Research and Discussions
Completed 100%
Concept Planning
Completed 100%
Design of UI/UX
Completed 100%
PHP Development
Completed 85%
JS Development
Completed 75%

Be the first to know when the revolutionary new version is released!