You have been asking for it, so it’s time we delivered.

No big introduction needed. This is a look at what EDD Bookings Alpha will be looking like. We’ll be ready to release Beta in early 2018, so those who applied will be sent more details shortly.

Browse through and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Admin Dashboard

This is what you, as the administrator, will see when setting up up your services, managing bookings, and much more. Other options such as setting up payment gateways, managing customer details, and more, are handled by Easy Digital Downloads itself. They have a large number of free and premium extensions for payment gateways, additional functionality, email service integrations and much more.

Note: The blue and white header on the settings pages was a temporary design that will be changed before the release of the BETA version of EDD Bookings.

Set up a few simple settings to get things going.

Manage your bookings in a simple list…

…or view them in a calendar.

Manually add bookings from your front-desk or over the phone by just clicking on the calendar or on the “Add New” button at the top (above).

Choose a service, set the times, then create a customer on the fly or select an existing one.

Lastly, choose the booking status to apply and write down any additional or special notes for this particular booking. These notes are only seen by you, the administrator, and not the customer.

Set up your service in a few simple steps. Firstly, set up the available dates and times in a calendar. You have both a week and a month view that you can use to enter availabilities. If you have a lot of recurring dates, scroll down to see how we made it easy and fast to complete.

It’s rather simple. In fact, it works very similarly to Google Calendar. Switch to a month view if you have day or week availabilities.

Once you click on a day or time, you can enter the available times and dates/days.

If you have recurring dates/days or times to be marked as available, just use the repeat options.

To exclude specific days from these availability options, such as closing the offices for a public holiday, simply choose that date from the exclusions calendar at the bottom. The selected excluded dates are then listed below for convenience. 

If you have different working hours for one particular day only, say on a holiday, just exclude it from the recurring availability, find that day on the calendar, and set up the different times just for that day.

Here’s a quick preview of how it will work. (Some design elements in the GIF below have been changed since)

Set the session lengths & prices for this service. If your service has more than one combination of session length and price, just keep adding. They are automatically added to the list below as you click on the “Add” button.

This is ideal for those services that vary in length. For example, if you offer consultancy sessions online, they might be for 30 minutes or one hour. With this option you can leave it up to the customer to select the length of time they need. Once selected, the start times are adjusted based on the chosen length.

Booking Wizard

What your customers will see when booking a service on your site. You’ve already seen a preview of this if you looked through our Pricing & Features page, but here it is again.

STEP 1: The customer selects a service and they can view its details.

STEP 2: The customer chooses their preferred date, session length (if there are more than one) and time.

STEP 3: The customer now enters their personal and billing details before proceeding to the payment gateway of their choice (unless the service is free).

We also give the customer a brief description of what they are about to book at the top.

STEP 4: Once the payment is complete and booking confirmed, the customer is shown a summary of what they just booked, along with a link to the automatically generated purchase receipt.


EDD Bookings is being developed to be fully responsive, both on the admin dashboard side and the customer-facing wizard. All options will remain available, we’re just ensuring they fit right on smaller screens, such as tablets and mobile phones.

Beta is on its way!

It’s your last chance to join the Beta testing group. Click here to sign up.

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