Welcome to the EDD Bookings Beta feedback form.

Thank you for taking the time to help us create the best bookings plugin for WordPress.

Please use the form below to send in your feedback for the EDD Bookings Beta version. The more detail you can include, the easier it will be for our developers to work through any bugs and issues.

We are all ears, be it positive or negative feedback.


The following limitations are known and being worked on as you read this.

They will be worked on for future Beta releases and/or the official release.


  1. The “Settings” and “About” sections are under development.
  2. The loading transitions in various areas are being improved upon.
  3. Error notices and other phrasing throughout the back-end of the plugin is being improved.
  4. Bookings cannot be made at the same time as a “Cancelled” booking. This is being fixed.

Bookings Calendar/List:

  1. The list is currently ordered by booking ID. The list will become sortable by each column in the future.

Add New / Edit Download Page:

  1. The session generation will be improved to allow for faster saving of Download’s (Service’s) when using complex availabilities.

Booking Wizard:

  1. The session fetching will be improved to allow for faster loading of Download’s (Service’s) available dates in all cases.
  2. The wizard is currently limited to displaying 5 services in the dropdown list. This is being increased to become unlimited.

The following features are planned for future versions of EDD Bookings.

As a result, you do not need to report them as bugs or missing elements/features.

UI/UX Improvements:

  1. Labels used throughout the plugin’s back-end and front-end will be editable by the admin in a future version of EDD Bookings.
  2. The Booking Wizard will have more editing options in the plugin settings.

Other Additions:

  1. Introduction of Staff, Locations and Resources.
  2. Integration with EDD Frontend Submissions.
  3. Integration with calendars, including Google Cal.
We will be introducing even more minor features and making minor changes along the way as we collect user feedback on how the plugin is being used, and what is needed from it.